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The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.
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3rd-Mar-2010 12:00 am - New territory
Today was very interesting. I spent 9 hours helping two people take apart the outer shell and windows of a truck for some body work and parts replacement. I figured I should take it upon myself to learn new things and what better skill to notch my belt with than automotive skills?

It was a good day today.
2nd-Mar-2010 02:04 am - Awesome
19th-Feb-2010 11:28 pm - Happy happy joy joy
I'm so glad this work week is over. I had nearly 5.5 dozen hours of work in 6 days and I am pooped.
18th-Feb-2010 11:01 pm - Coming soon
It appears I need to update here very soon. My work has kept me near exhaustion all week and this weekend I shall provide an in depth update to my doings, et al.
13th-Feb-2010 08:13 am - Gained and lost
  1. Gorillaz “Dare”
  2. Muse “Time Is Running Out”
  3. Sia “Breathe Me”
  4. Depeche Mode “Precious”
  5. Bril “Far Away”
  6. White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”
  7. Modest Mouse “Ocean Breathes Salty”
  8. Rage Against The Machine “Guerilla Radio”
  9. Linkin Park “Breaking The Habit”
  10. Jet “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?”
  11. The Beastie Boys “Triple Trouble”
  12. Blink 182 “Miss You”

My music mix for the day.

I am working on my Saturday, no sweat as my system seems full of energy and vigor.
9th-Feb-2010 10:24 pm - Long time no see
I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted here. I was quite thrilled at the semi-journal experience with Facebook but they seem to be making a lot of changes and I don't think I wish to continue using that site. I miss the flexibility of LJ and am happy to start using it again.

Worked 10 hours today cutting trees and branches along fence lines and am quite exhausted from this endeavor. I'm quite excited about posting here again but it seems I am a bit tired and wish to sleep instead. Look for more tomorrow.
19th-Aug-2009 10:08 pm - Work work work
is good good good!

I'm so happy to be working again.
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